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Writing this in my free time (which means it'll take a while).

From the Brides Perspective
The trip to St. Lucia began 3 days earlier as my bags were packed and by the door. However my dear Mark, packed 1 hour before. We get to the Airport, we check in, and as our bags are getting tagged, Mark manages to drop his passport in a crack between the counter and the automatic check-in machine. It took one hour, several people, screwdrivers, and a coat hanger to get the passport back. So off we flew to the caribean. We arrived several hours later, got in a van and drove to the resort. Althought I got car sick, I was instantly in love with out destination choice. As a surprise, Mark scheduled couples massage on our first day (his 1st massage!!!) and then we went to a lovely breakfast on the patio. I was photographed for several Italian magazines and both Mark and I thought it was great. Day 2, we awakened to a ringing phone and the Front desk agents asking how I was enjoying our stay, and I answered and they then asked for Mark. I passed him the phone and he talked for a while. I thought this odd so I asked what they wanted. He confessed that he arranged for a nice dinner on the beach and said he had to go select the menu. I thought it sounded great. Our dinner was rained out and pushed to the next day, but we had a nice dinner and sat in the wine bar for the rest of the evening. As each day passed, I was more and more relaxed Mark had us out the door for dinner at 6pm, for a 7:30 dinner. A bit... (more coming soon)

- Meghan